How to Build a Website

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As you are read this article you are thinking about how to build a site. Right, I will show you a comprehensive guide on building a website and putting it online in a few minutes. To think about it, building a website using the easy step I will lay down here will let you understand how easy and cheap it can be learn how to build a website when you have the right tools.

For an insight of what will we use to build a website, we are going to use a website builder It is a professional tool that gives all the functionalities needed to setup a million dollar brand like websites. In a brief, you have the follow functionalities at your disposal and many more: 

  • Optimization to appear in Google search rank
  • Built-in newsletter
  • Built-in data
  • Edit HTML and CSS
  • Over 100 plus professional-looking templates or make your own
  • Photo Gallery with your own watermark
  • Contact Form
  • Password protect pages
  • Mail
  • File upload 

  Before we dig down into how to build a website, I will let know you things to consider even before building your free website. 

Domain Name

Domain name registration is one of the initial steps in building a new website. It is your website address on the internet and it is the name that users will search to get to your website. Domain name gives a legitimate branding to your online presence. You need to search for the domain you are interested in to find out if it is still available. The cost of registering a domain name per year is around 2$ - 30$. After you have acquired a domain, you can buy a hosting plan that suits your demand. With you can still get a domain name for your website free and can change it later with your custom domain name. This shows how rich and flexible is.

Web Hosting 

Web hosting is a space online where your entire website files will reside. Choosing the best hosting company is very important and it can determine factors like uptime, bandwidth size and storage. It is also important to compare different hosting companies and read constructive reviews from people who have use their service. There are different types of hosting you can choose from; free hosting, standard web hosting and VPS or dedicated hosting. Yet again you do not have to worry about web hosting because has taken care of all your hosting needs irrespective of your business.

Website Builder

Building a website using a professional consultant or web developer is expensive and takes time to get to the final working design. Beside you risk having the developer to work on any little change on your website in future and it will definitely incur subsequent expenses to you. Website builder has a huge advantage of setting up a new website in few minutes and gives you full control over your website. It does not require any form of programming or technical knowledge. it makes learning how to build a website very easy.

Building Your Website with is a powerful website builder that will help you build an elegant and professional website in a matter of minutes. It provides a way for instant online presence even without a custom domain name. It is free to use and there is also a premium option which you can choose whenever you wish to do so. There is no credit card sign up; no hidden contract and it give you the freedom to choose from 100 plus template to brand the website the way you wish. It was built with unique rank algorithms that understand how many search engines rank pages. It has already done the job of optimization and places your pages higher in search engine ranking.

There are just three simple step your will complete and your site will be online immediately. If you are still in doubt, is it possible to setup a website with just three simple and easy steps that even a little child can do? The answer is yes. Just three step. Let’s start and at the end you will be amaze on how easy it is to build a website.

Sign Up

It does not take anything to sign up. You enter your domain name to get started. You will change the domain name to any other custom domain name of your choice.

Create a new account by filling your email address, site name and password.

Choose a Template has more than 100 plus good looking and elegant templates that you can choose from. The templates are of high standard and contents validated semantic code that helps in search engine ranking. You have the freedom to customize your template the way it suits your brand. Beside you can make a new template from scratch by following instruction from the documentation.

Fill in the content

Now is time to fill in the content of your website in the different pages. Having a well written, educative and informative content will certainly help to drive traffic to your site. As the saying goes content is king. You can employ the services of experience web content writer to produce a rich informative content for your website. Once you are done with the content save the content and you will instantly see your website dazzling online.

Still waiting for more steps? Sorry we are done.

You can also choose to go premium whenever you like. is highly scalable and it does not have any limit in terms of bandwidth, storage and number of file uploads.

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